About Us

Cabiar is a unique ridesharing app with features that benefit everyone regardless of which side you use it; driving or riding. Cabiar is an American enterprise, created in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with the purpose to provide rather Drivers and Users a fair way to ride earning money and points rewardingly. 

Our Users generate points in each trip to be redeemed in the payment of future trips. Users also generate points through trips made by other Users that have affiliated with Cabiar through their invitation any city in the world where Cabiar is working.

Our Entrepreneur Drivers generate income in each direct trip made. Our Entrepreneur Drivers also generate permanent residual income through each of the trips of other Entrepreneur Drivers that have been sponsored by them to be affiliated with Cabiar. The most innovative aspect is that each Entrepreneur Driver will generate additional and permanent income from each trip made by each User that they have affiliated to Cabiar, even though they are not making the trip with them. That is to say, there are three (3) ways of income for our Entrepreneur Drivers; (1)they generate income from their own trips, (2)the generate income from each one of the trips made by other Entrepreneur Drivers sponsored by them and (3)they generate income from each of the trips made by Users that have been sponsored by them from their city to any city in the world where Cabiar is working.